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Let us take the hassle out of searching for your perfect Brighton property rental. Working from a detailed search brief, we search the local market high and low for your ideal move. We view the property’s on your behalf and only show you those we believe match your exacting requirements. Freeing up your time and leg work.

We compile a report on each potential property, detailing considerations such as neighbours, community, nightlife, travel links, crime rates, and due diligence on the landlords. Giving you all the info needed to make an informed decision.

After locating the perfect rental, we also negotiate rental price and terms. In addition, we can assist with check-in, removals, furnishing, amongst many other additional services.

We source rentals for clients looking for long-term or short-term lets, furnished or unfurnished, or serviced accommodation. For a wide range of uses, from permanent relocation, work outposts, area familiarisation before a move, or simply just between properties.

Brighton Rental Search

How We Work

No Obligation Meeting

Our first step is an initial meeting, either in person or by phone. With an introduction to our services and what we can offer you.

We walk you through the whole process of how we work and how we might tailor those services to meet your exacting requirements.

We like to find out more about you, your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, timescales, budget and the intended use of your future property. Be it for relocation, work outpost, studying, holiday let or simply between properties.

Compile Detailed Search Brief

Each client has a unique set of requirements and from this, we will compile a focused search brief, detailing strict must-haves and also a list of more fluid options that may be up for consideration.

Briefs typically include, but not limited to – size, configuration, architectural styles, community and amenities, travel links, budget, timescales, and length of desired tenancy.

You may already have a strong idea on the type of property you require and your preferred locations, or with our expert local knowledge we can help mould your brief.

From here we will fine-tune your search brief and get to work finding the perfect rental for you.

Proactive Property Search

We search property’s on the market, pre-market, and a network of private landlords. We view the property’s on your behalf, saving you valuable time and leg work.

From these viewings, we compile initial shortlists of potential property’s. But the work does not stop there, we build comprehensive profiles on each property. Detailing considerations such as the general condition of the property, likely additional monthly outgoings and bills, parking permits (if applicable), community outlook, nightlife, and crime rates.  Furthermore, we carry out due diligence on the landlord’s position, neighbours, management companies, noise complaints and any imminent local developments which may have an impact. Giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Only after we have satisfied ourselves the property is of strong contention do we present these to you for viewing.

Client Tours

We present you with our shortlisted property’s as and when they come up. After talking through each property with you, on the pros and cons of each and how closely it matches your brief, we then accompany you on viewings at a time convenient to you. This may be for a single viewing or we can line up multiple viewings for the same day.

If the property is of interest, then we will take you on a familiarisation tour of the area and share our local knowledge on the general outlook of communities, amenities, travel links, schools, nightlife, and crime rates.

We then either progress to the negotiation stage if it fits the bill or we use your feedback to further fine tune your requirements and carry on the search.

Considered Negotiating

Once the ideal property has been found we use our experience to set a fair valuation. Unlike estate agents, we do not value properties on square footage and local rentals alone. We use our previously compiled profile of the property, comprehensive due diligence on interested parties, your personal position, and local indicators in order to determine what we believe the rental value to be worth.

We use this to negotiate the rental price and terms of tenancy in order to achieve the best outcome for you.

Our involvement often swings proceedings to your advantage and looked on favourably, as estate agents and vendors are comforted by knowing you are serious professional renters, having taken a proactive and diligent approach to property search.

Extra Services

On signing of the tenancy agreement, we are here to help further in order to ensure the move is as stress-free as possible. Arranging the collection of keys, our own independent check-in service, meter readings, removal firms, application of parking permits (if applicable), are just a few of the additional services we offer.

In addition, if the property needs furnishing, either on a furniture rental or purchase basis, we are happy to help.

*Please note that some extra services may incur additional cost 

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